Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Find the Wagon!

(The Boar Belly Naanwich via Andrew Huff's photostream)

Had a meeting last night with the Taste committee, and we're approaching the final stretch. Really something to see everyone rally together like this—and mind you, it's ALL volunteer work—in the name of fighting childhood hunger. It's rare to come across an event that brings out so much good, and I think that shows in the work everyone has put in to this year's Taste.

And about this year's Taste... last week I promised opportunities to get in on free ticket action, and that begins today! Any minute now, Matt Maroni will be pulling his gaztro-wagon out of the driveway and park it somewhere on our Chicago streets—with the incredibly talented Phillip Foss of Lockwood and "The Pickled Tongue" by his side. Later this week Phil is hosting a speakeasy with several participating Taste chefs, and we're thrilled that he's willing to help promote Taste in the process today with Matt. So—when that clock hits the appropriate time and you get your belly out the door for some lunch, find out where Matt's parked the gaztro-wagon, yeah?

Doing that will for sure appease your appetite, but it might just get you those free Taste of the Nation tickets, too! Find the truck. Order some grub. Ask for the tickets! But, when asking for the tickets, say the code word... "Aragon." Aragon. That's it!

And stay tuned all this week—Matt will be hosting a guest chef nearly every day leading up to the event next Thursday. And yeah, every day a chef joins in? More tickets will be handed out!

Looking forward to partying with whoever wins—and maybe you could bring me a naanwich while you're at it...

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